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The 2 tweaks that will make you dominate in any competitive market (Part 6)

This is the LAST part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one through five here. This post is theoretical with actionable tips (assuming you’ve read the first five posts in the series). For reference, these are … [Read more...]

The Bunches Blog – lololo – Wednesday, 4th January

lololol | Facebook Page | Classic Value Flowers | Luxury Bouquets | Platinum Collection | House Plants | Helium Balloons Article by The Bunches Blog. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

ASW13 the HeavyT Recap

I decided to fly in Saturday morning to the conference and got in around 4pm. Since I’m living in Denver now I had to connect though phx but it was still cheaper then flying direct on frontier or united. When I got there I met up with my buddy … [Read more...]

Zero Parallel Payday Loan Affiliate Network Review

The following is a paid review for written and reviewed by Michael Kwan. It is completely of Michael Kwan’s opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having your site or product reviewed, please view my … [Read more...]

I listened to 23 books in 2016. This is what I learned…

Towards the end of 2015, our CEO at PeerFly, Chad French, finally convinced me to start listening to audiobooks. Chad had been listening to audiobooks for awhile using Audible and had been talking about the books he was listening to quite a bit. It … [Read more...]

Four Ways Female Small Business Owners Can Jump Financing Hurdles

Female entrepreneurship is flourishing. In 2016, there were an estimated 11.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating $1.6 trillion annually. Between 2007 and 2016, women-owned businesses grew at a rate of 45 percent, five … [Read more...]

Get Inspired – Blow Your Mind Website Examples!

Looking for some design inspiration? Venturing into the world of UX design? Investigating new website trends? In our feature article, we’re going to help you get inspired with some blow your mind website examples. We picked these examples because … [Read more...]

2 Biggest Mistakes New Affiliates Make

Think back to when you first tried your hand at affiliate marketing. What was your first campaign? Was it a success? The fact of the matter is that new affiliates make tons of mistakes. Heck, even affiliates who have been in the game for years make … [Read more...]

Meet the Entrepreneurs and Experts of Affiliate Summit West 17

Thousands of internet marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators and brands will ascend upon Las Vegas this weekend for Affiliate Summit West 2017. Not only has Affiliate Summit become one of the largest affiliate and internet marketing conferences … [Read more...]

Improve Your CTR for PLAs – Use Naked Chicks!

The BlackHatters were told (thanks guys) about this new and innovative way to improve the CTR rate of your Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) that has come up with… Using Naked Chicks in your images! Check out this ad for the … [Read more...]

How Social Media Usage Could Affect Your Startup Funding Opportunities

Getting funding for your startup could pose one of the most difficult hurdles of your entrepreneurial career. While many startups usually receive poor attention from investors for reasons such as having a “me-too” product in an already … [Read more...]

PlentyOfFish sold to Match Group for $575 million US

Yes it’s true! POF was sold to the Match Group which means we’ll soon be joining their umbrella of dating sites that include, Tinder and Okcupid. 2015 will be a very exciting year! Cheers, Ben Article by Blog. Read … [Read more...]

Effective Use Of Retargeting & Exclusion Pools In Local Online Marketing

When it comes to local online marketing, just because you’re options and budgets may be more limited then big national advertisers, it doesn’t mean you can’t THINK like a big national advertiser.  Retargeting is HUGE for large … [Read more...]

Travel and Entrepreneurship with Rohail Rizvi in Bangkok, Thailand

Ian Fernando:              Wad up, guys? Ian Fernando here from; I’ve got a special guest this year and the best part is I actually had this kid while we were traveling in Columbia and we’re about to do this traveling … [Read more...]

3 Free Tools To Help You Register Killer Domains

Originally I founded NameHero as a domain registrar (actually at that time) to give me a place to register and store all the domains I registered for investments. I don’t consider myself a professional “domainer” by any … [Read more...]

APB Podcast – Buying Websites to Create Passive Income

On this episode, we talk to Jacob (aka jerdei) from the APB forum about buying websites. Wait, you can buy websites? Why would you do that? Why would someone sell one? Can I really make money doing that? The answer to all those questions … [Read more...]

5 Powers Super Affiliates Have & You Can Too

We all want to be a ‘Super Affiliate’. We dream about making money. Lots and lots of money. But let’s face it, becoming a super duper guru of any industry takes time and patience. Not to mention experimentation (at many levels) and experience. These … [Read more...]

The Affiliate Marketing Event Of The Year!

Frack!It’s been 2.5 years since I’ve posted on this blog. I missed you so!After that last blog post of mine, I kind of got distracted and moved to Amsterdam, and got involved in a few more ventures. After 917 days without an update, I … [Read more...]

How To Write Copy That Converts for Campaigns

“The point of the headline is to get your reader to read the first sentence. The point of the first sentence is to get your reader to read the next sentence.” -Joseph Sugarman Copywriting for affiliate marketing is an essential skill if … [Read more...]

Online Returns Will Put a Damper on Online Sales Several reports indicate that during the 2016 holiday season, there was an increase in conversions from paid search advertising. Compared to 2015, the 2016 holiday season provided an increase of conversions by 18.63%, impressions up by … [Read more...]

Get 3X the conversion rate by adding a second “option,” research finds

Using university research, I’m going to show you these: The exact number of products to have on a category page Why you should not just have one product This specific range of buying options will give you a conversion rate boost If you sell one … [Read more...]

The Bunches Blog – Representing the Olympics! – Wednesday, 3rd August

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest to keep up to date with the latest news and offers. | Facebook Page | Classic Value Flowers | Luxury Bouquets | Platinum Collection | House Plants | Helium … [Read more...]

AdTechNYC13 and the HeavyT Recap

So its been a while since I posted on my blog and done a conference post. Last one I posted on was ASW and I did attend ASE in Philly. But Adtech NYC 13 was a pretty good conference for me overall. We headed out Tuesday morning to NYC for Adtech and … [Read more...]

5 Things I Learned From My First Kickstarter Campaign

Five weeks ago, I published a blog post announcing that I had created a Kickstarter project. I’m sure you’ll remember it. Unfortunately, it finished as a total flop and I only ended up "raising" around $264 USD of my $50,000 USD … [Read more...]

How to Create Facebook Instant Articles For Your Blog

If you have been on Facebook over the past few months, you have probably noticed their new Instant Articles feature. Facebook Instant Articles are articles that load within Facebook when they are clicked. Facebook says they load up to 10x faster than … [Read more...]

ShareASale’s “Under the Stars Party” During Affiliate Summit East 2016

Dancin’ at church, Long Island jazzy parties Waiter bring us some more Baccardi We’ll order now what they ordered then ‘Cause everything old is new again     – Peter Allen Ten years ago, ShareASale took over Howl at the Moon … [Read more...]

5 Design Principles Nearly 95% of Websites Screw Up. Are You?

Your website is the face of your brand. Whether you’re advertising online or in traditional media like print and television, nearly everyone visits your website before choosing to do business with you.  One study shows that more than 81% of people … [Read more...]

Week In Review: College Football & Haters

This week in review covers quick paydays, exclusive pre-game football parties with Shoemoney, affiliate marketing investment and much more! “Ultimate College Football & Internet Marketing Experience“ – If you’re a college … [Read more...]

AdVault – The Native Ads Spy Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Native advertising is taking over the internet. What first started out as something that was on just a handful of websites and blogs, is now on nearly every major new and media outlet online. Forbes, ESPN, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur — yep, … [Read more...]

Will Be Back Soon

Thanks for all those of you who are still following Black Hat PPC. We have had to ‘go underground’ for a while, but the day where we will make a return is coming again soon. We will keep you posted. BH Article by Black Hat PPC. Read … [Read more...]

3 Effective Google Adsense Tips

Google Adsense is a great way to make money from websites generating traffic. Anyone can start a website and start using Google Adsense to generate revenue from that website – I think this is what makes Google Adsense so effective and used by … [Read more...]

Bandai Namco Entertainment America Launches Fortress Legends on Mobile

Bandai Namco Entertainment America announced the release of Fortress Legends on iOS and Android. The fortress-building game allows users to team up with other players in real-time to attack enemy fortresses. In Fortress Legends, each player … [Read more...]

Black Friday And Nothing Has Changed

Almost exactly 1 year ago I wrote the post Why Your Black Friday Sale Will #FAIL and not a darn thing has changed.  Retailers on the the local level are getting even more excited about Black Friday and jumping on the bandwagon with tons of … [Read more...]

RobinHood App Review: Improper Transaction Trades and Unresponsive Support

This is a Robinhood App review that I recommend you to read and even to not bother downloading the app itself. It has been a while and I wanted point out how crappy Robinhood App has been the past couple months, maybe even weeks. Their customer … [Read more...]

Get Free Traffic With Big Trends

; Last month, I held a webinar covering how affiliates leverage big trends such as Pokemon Go to create hooks to promote offers. Today, I want to give an example... Article by With Ruck & Ryan. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Bangkok and Staying Productive Abroad

Thailand is one of the Internet Marketing capitals of the world. Every day I hear of another affiliate moving here. It’s an exciting place to come, but there are obvious challenges. Most notably… The P word. Productivity. This post … [Read more...]